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Das Meyer Haus Historical Home

Das Meyer Haus gives you a glimpse into life in the early 1900’s as you are transported to a bygone era with its striking architectural details, wrap around porch with porch swing, high ceilings, original long leaf pine floors, shiplap and more!

It was built by native Texans, Minnie (Wilhelmina) Augusta Hoeffert Meyer who was born in Schulenburg on July 3, 1883 and Henry John Meyer who was born down the road in Swiss Alp on October 13, 1878. They married on December 28, 1904 and began building their home in March of 1905 and completed it in 1906. They were both of German heritage as are many of the folks in Fayette County. It was a busy household as the couple raised five daughters here: Melba, Gertrude, Minnie, Roselyn and Caroline. In order to accommodate everyone, two additions were added onto the back and side of the structure in 1912 and 1927.

In order to provide for his family, Henry owned and operated a confectionary (candy) and ice cream parlor across the street on Upton Avenue where the Schulenburg Police Department is now located. He sold cigars, flower and vegetable seeds and toys and was a salesman for Auerbach and other candy companies. He bought and sold cream from farmers but as World War I raged on between 1914 and 1918, it made it difficult to source sugar for his candy and ice cream business.

Henry then had to develop other ways to put food on the family table. He developed an ingenious floor cleaning compound made from sawdust, he was a carpenter and a beekeeper. In 1910, Henry hired himself out to keep dust down on the dirt roads by buying a water sprinkler wagon that he was able to purchase thanks to Papa Fritz Meyer who loaned him the money to do so. He did this until 1930 when roads were beginning to be paved.

Henry’s bee keeping business started in 1947 and kept 15 to 20 hives on the back of the lot next door on Anderson Street. He processed and sold the honey and never wore bee protection gear! He also sold soft shelled pecans from his trees in the yard.

Mrs. Minnie Meyer was a charter member of the Schulenburg Methodist Church and served as church school superintendent. She played the organ and piano for 60 years or so and was also a charter member of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service and a member of the official board. The Schulenburg Girls’ Missionary Club was founded by Mrs. Meyer in 1935 and she served as director for eight years.

DMH was lovingly restored in 2006 by the Meyer’s great grand- daughter. It was in the Meyer family for almost a century until it was purchased by the present owners in 2018.